What is mode of payment to Izmir City Vision?

You can pay directly to us with MasterCard, Visa, American Express or cash. When you are on the page of payment, you will see our Payment Terms and Conditions.

How can we book at the Izmir City Vision web site?

You have 3 options:
1) Payment will be at the place of tour. Directly to our guide.
2) You can pay with credit or debit card via online shopping.
3) You can send us money to our bank account (it’s written check-out page)

How we can find Departure Place? Tour pick-up place?

 We are at meeting point of your tour before 15 min. You can find us at meeting point. If you don’t find us call us please with our number. And we can find you. After 15 minutes of departure, don’t waiting us. We already started tour.

Where is Tour Meeting Point?

We already pin it at the map. But if you don’t believe, you can also write us a mail. We’ll help you wait meeting-point. For special tour or private tour, we’ll search you directly at hotel reception. We wait maximum 15 minutes and than we start the tour. We count like no-show (not refundable). If you have any problem for your departure please say us. For airport meeting, we’ll be at gate A (Terminal International) or gate A also (Terminal National)

How you can make your reservation booked tour by Izmir City Vision?

When you make a reservation, sometimes you can make a mistake. If you don’t have invoice or confirmation mail, you can contact us with your booking ID, booking number and your name also.

Have we Tour Guide during Izmir City Vision Tours?

Our all guides are licence and professional guide by Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture. They speak very well foreign language but they have to follow tour program. If you want to extra visit, depending group situation.

Have we insurance during Izmir City Vision Trip?

All our tours are not included insurance. But if you want to make insurance, contact us please with your passport scan or with your full information. We can propose to you any insurance condition. Just for multi day tours, insurance is included for your travel.