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Ayvalik Tour In Daily Programmes:

In the morning we are going out of Izmir. The trip starts by visiting the Ayvalik bazaar. One of the most notable sections in the bazaar is the historical Ayvalık Houses. The houses that attract attention with stone and stone workmanship came out of the hands of Greek masters. There are no similar houses built using garlic stone which is unique to the region.

We are in the bazaar and we go to the Ayazma Kilise by watching the view of the ships standing at the harbor. Also known as the Faneromeni Church, the name comes from the word “Holy Water”. In a grandmother, a little girl dreams of Mother Mary every night in her dream. Meryem Ana stands at a constant point and drinks water from the source there. And the little girl points to the water. This dream comes to the place where she sees in the dream of the little girl after being told in the city council and the water is gushing from the soil after the excavation. There is a church here and this name is given to the church. Neo In classical style, built in 1890, the garlic stone, which is unique to the region, was used. This structure. Which was used as an olive oil factory for a period of time, has also been made in the period. Today it is expropriated to become a museum.

Historical visits continue…

And then we go to the Clocky Mosque, a structure that used to be a church. It was built as a church by the Greek Cypriots around 1850, and after 1928 it was converted into a gallery. After the screen was turned around, the icons in the building were covered with paint. When the bell tower belonging to the church was turned into a clock tower, the name of the glass began to be known as Saatli Mosque. When you walk along the street, you definitely come across this area, especially when you enter the mosque. It is really a different feeling to be in the church as an architecture but to be in the mosque as usage.

Then we continue with the Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum. Located in the very center of Ayvalik, Taksiyarhis is the first church in the city. This building, which is used as a tobacco store for a period after the exchange, is being restored by the Ministry of Culture and opened as a memorial museum in 2012. Later on, you will also find a toaster market where you can taste the famous ayvalık toast.

Now is the time to shop and photo!

We are starting to tour the famous Cunda island in detail. You will have free time on this lovely island. You can browse the gift shops, buy jewelry and browse through the great works of handcraft. Each square is like a fairy tale, and you will have plenty of time to take pictures. Look at the taste of gummy ice cream here!

And we are going to the last point, the Devil Sophia. Devil’s Sophia is actually a hill formed after a volcanic structure. He takes his name from the footsteps of Devil, who is believed to be here. The view of the hill is extraordinary. There are 2 cafe restaurants on the hill. You can eat and drink something against the spectacular scenery. At the beginning of the pony, the surrounding islands offer visitors a spectacular view. We usually sunk in the region that is famous for sunsets and go out for a turn.

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Ayvalık Tour In Daily:

*Ayazma Church Opening Time: 08.00 a.m

Closing Time: 18.00 p.m

*Taksiyarhis Monument Museum Opening Time: 09.00 a.m

Closing Time: 19.00 p.m


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