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A Turkish bath or Hamam is similar to a Scandinavian sauna but is closer to a Roman bath. It is based on the same principles as the steambath but the focus is on water rather than steam. At Spa Experience, we combine all of these relaxation and bathing techniques from around the world for your enjoyment. In Turkey, the hammam is a gently heated, tiled room with a heated marble slab called göbek taşı (tummy stone). Visitors lie on the stone slab and are scrubbed for exfoliation, then massaged with oils and finally washed clean with hot water. Hamam is a warm seating area where visitors can relax between uses of the steam rooms or sauna. Many of our beauty treatments also take place on a warmed stone slab, on which you can be massaged by our trained beauty therapists. 

The Turkish bath combines the techniques of the Roman bath with that of the central Asian steam bath. The Turks called the Roman baths, hammam, which is actually an Arabic word meaning bath. The Arabs built versions of the Greek-Roman baths that they encountered following their conquest of Alexandria in 641 AD. By the 15th century, the Turks had completely conquered the formerly Christian Byzantine empire. It was during this period that the Hellenized Roman and Turkish cultures heavily influenced each other and gave birth to cultural fusion that is the Turkish bath.

Many baths were built under the Ottoman empire, particularly in it’s capital Constantinople but were also present in every Ottoman city. Unlike Scandinavian saunas, there were separate quarters for men and women, in smaller baths, men and women were admitted at different times.

Turkish Bath Tour

Turkish Bath Tour gives you the best relaxation time for you like you were Sultan. You will not only remember old times but new ages too, with a spa, massages, pool, even with a chance to work out. If you are really seeking out to get your body and mind to cool off from city life this is the best way you can accomplish that.

In this tour, you have two options:

-Modern Turkish Hamam

Swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish Hamam, cut foam, oil massage for 40 minutes, foot massage for 10 minutes are included. The whole package takes about 3 hours.

For women access hours between 10.00 am and 22.00.pm

For men access hours 08.00 am and 23.00 pm


-Traditional  Turkish Hamam

In a historical hamam you will have cut foam, Turkish hammam, massage in a traditional way are included.If you want to oil massage, it is excluded and just for the possible for women. The whole package takes about 2 hours.

For women access hours between 11.00 am and 17.00 pm

For men access hours between 17.00 pm and 22.00 pm.


For more information please contact us

For massage and other services please make your reservation early.

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