Aphrodisias Tour From Izmir

Aphrodisias Tour From Izmir

Aphrodisias Tour From Izmir
  • 1 Day
  • 45 people
  • Aydın

Aphrodisias Tour


Aphrodisias Tour offers you we are heading towards the Karacasu district of Aydın after we meet with our guests from the points mentioned towards Aphrodisias. Which is the most beautiful of the goddesses in the ancient Greek period and dedicated to Aphrodite. Which has been an art center for centuries with the romance of nature and art?

This location on the UNESCO World Heritage list, each of which is a work of art, will amaze you. Aphrodite sanctuary of beauty,


*Agora, Hamams

*Ancient Theater

Which are made for demonstration purposes offer us a feast in terms of both art and history? We do not even go to the Museum, where the other masterpieces of that period were exhibited and the rare sculptures that were all sent to the Helen Kingdom.

Aphrodisia is an ancient city that was named after the Goddess, Aphrodite. This ancient metropolis prominently worshipped her and was commonly referred to as the town of affection for this. Prosperity enveloped the town, because of the creativity and excellent craftsmanship of these who utilized an outsized amount of excellent quality marble nearby. Unfortunately, the town was abandoned after earthquakes within the 4th and 7th century that destroyed much of the buildings and added a replacement flood zone on one side.

Now the ruins show the history of the town and its quality of the craftsmanship remains marveled at today. within the city are many landmarks of a bustling metropolis, its own Odeon (council chambers), stadium, and therefore the temple to Aphrodite.

Then we go to Karacasu Town to taste Karacasu’s famous pillar. After lunch, we have been shopping for thousands of years to observe pottery production, which serves artificial potteries. At the end of the day we meet in our car and move to İzmir, we leave the spots we took you and we say goodbye to you to meet another.




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