Cittaslow Sigacik Tour

Cittaslow Sigacik Tour

Cittaslow Sigacik Tour
  • 1 Day
  • 15 people
  • İzmir

Consisting of “citta” (city) in Italian and “slow” in English,  Cittaslow is a new current aiming to preserve the uniqueness, lifestyle and local culture of the cities against the harmful effects of globalization. Seferihisar to be accepted into Cittaslow network, met 70 different criteria in 2009 and attributed as Cittaslow. There will be also the opportunity to visit a local market where local producers sell their locally grown products. Away from the soul draining metropolitan lifestyle, this small town protected from "fast food culture", will take all your stress away and will recharge your soul.

Sigacik, the sea-smelling neighborhood of Izmir Seferihisar, is one of the most beautiful escape routes of the Aegean Region with its historical castle, local producers’ market where handicraft products are sold, cute house pensions inside the castle, restaurants serving delicious seafood, deep blue sea and beaches.

Sigacik Castle, located in the northeast of Sigacik Port, was built by Bright Mustafa Pasha upon the order of Suleiman the Magnificent, who was preparing for the Rhodes campaign (1521-1522). Built as a naval base, this fortress was also used as a customs control center in the past. Stones brought from the ancient city of Teos were also used on the castle walls, which have 3 gates called Kusadasi, Ayasuluk and Sivrihisar.

Teos Ancient City, which gives life to Seferihisar and its surroundings and is the most important stop for traveling in time in the region, is 3 km from Sigacik. The ancient city, whose history goes back to the 2000s BC, is one of the 12 Ionian cities. Being the largest port city of its time, Teos is also known as the city of artists. The fact that the first actor’s union in history was established in Teos in the 3rd century BC strengthens the place of this city in the field of art. The ancient city, where excavations continue, deserves a visit of at least half a day.

Depending on group gusto, we have the chance to visit Jewelry, Leather, Carpet, or Ceramic centers.



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