Izmir City Gourmet Tour

Izmir City Gourmet Tour

Izmir City Gourmet Tour
  • 1 Day
  • 15 people
  • İzmir

10:00 We start Culinary Tour Izmir at the Clock Tower. We learn the history of boyoz while eating and having tea aside. At the same time, we wait for the group to get completed.
10:30 We start the Culinary Tour Izmir. We visit the Konak Square, Yalı Mosque, the Clock Tower, and Hasan Tahsin Monument. After we visit the National Library and Opera Buildings. Now time to taste ezme some kind of paste. There are many different kinds such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts.
11:00 Börek has a special place in Turkish Cuisine thus our next stop will a traditional börek shop where we will taste delicious börek and have the chance to watch the production process. Söğüş is one of the most famous street tastes of Izmir and now time to have a recipe from Asmaaltı Söğüşçüsü.
11:30 We will visit Salepçioğlu Mosque.

First Course

12:00 We will visit the city’s oldest photographer house Hamza Rüstem Fotoğrafhanesi.
12:10 Şerbet (sherbet) is like the elixir of life so we will give a try to Mulberry Sherbet.
12:20 Pickle is known as Turşu in Turkey. We definitely try Turkish turşu together.
12:30 Time for Turkish Ravioli which is called as mantı in Turkish, for sure handmade!! While having our mantı we will listen to a recipe of waxed fish eggs from 40 years Jewish artisan.
13:00 Have you ever tasted Turkish pizza which pide? It is the right time.
13:10 Izmir has always been a city of tolerance and the synagogue street is the best proof to it. It is now time to visit this street and little food bazaar around.

Second Course

13:45 The best meat ever in Izmir is served in this restaurant, let’s taste it and you will give us right.
14:15 Köfte or meatballs are one of the most traditional dishes in Turkey and in Izmir as well. Now it is time for köfte.
14:30 Rice over white beans or chickpeas is a tradition in Turkish cuisine, we are sure you will like it. And as a dessert, we cannot finish our tour without Şambali (shambali)
15:00 Visit of Kızlarağası Hanı
15:30 Time for a real Turkish coffee at the courtyard of Kızlarağası Hanı.

Bon appetit!!


Culinary Tour Izmir Meeting point for Clock Tower.

You can see at this link on google maps: Clock Tower


  • Trips and visits on the program

    Trips and visits on the program
  • Delicious over rice peas or beans

    Delicious over rice peas or beans
  • Sambali the famous dessert of Hisaronu

    Sambali the famous dessert of Hisaronu
  • Tea or coffee breaks

    Tea or coffee breaks
  • Izmir city half day tour map

    Izmir city half day tour map
  • Snacks


Culinary Tour Izmir Pick-up Place: Clock Tower

Culinary Tour Izmir Pick-up Time: 10:00

Culinary Tour Izmir type: Walking tour about 5 hours

Tasting food: Boyoz, Pie, Juice of Black Mulberry, Pickle, Turkish Ravioli, Turkish Pizza, Rice with white beans or chickpeas, Shambali (kind of Turkish sweet)

Izmir City Gourmet Tour Period: All day of the year (except Sunday)