Metropolis Izmir and Wine Tour

Metropolis Izmir and Wine Tour

Metropolis Izmir and Wine Tour
  • 1 Day
  • 2-14
  • İzmir

Metropolis Izmir locates near to Izmir as 45 minutes from Izmir Center. If you would like to take a historical journey through cars, it is time to enjoy the private museum of cars. The cars and motorcycles’ time span of Key Museum is from 1890-2015.  From technology, we take you to the ancient days of the magnificent Metropolis. In Metropolis you will have the privilege to see the different layers of architectural features and enjoy the beautiful panorama from the acropolis of the city. The ancient Roman bath as well preserved in the world. Where the city wall passes in the middle of the City Agora where they met their counsel.  The heating system of the bath can be visible and well placed.

Metropolis Izmir and Wine Tasting tour will continue by tasting delicious wines of the region.

Metropolis and Our Wine taste menu:

Consensus + La Passito

Sangiovese – Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot – Chardonnay – La Passito (4 kind)

Water, Cheese dishes, Grissini, and Hot drink service


After taste our wine, we’ll come back to Izmir (your pick up place)


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Metropolis Tour Details

Metropolis Tour Pick-up place: Izmir airport, Izmir port, hotels in Izmir city
Metropolis Tour Pick-up time: 09.00 the tour starts at 9 am, the pick-up time depends on your pick-up place, please indicate your exact pick-up please to have the exact timing.
Tasting Menu: Consensus + La Passito, Sangiovese – Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, Chardonnay La Passito (4 kind), water, cheese dish, crackers and hot drink service
Drop-off: Your pick-up place at approx. 17.00
Tour period: From 01/04- 31/12

Monday and Thursday Ancient Car Museum is closed. But without this museum, we can also make other places mentioned in the program.

Without the Ancient Car Museum, you have a 10€ discount for adult / 5€ discount for children.