Pamukkale Tour and Laodikeia

Pamukkale Tour and Laodikeia

Pamukkale Tour and Laodikeia
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  • Denizli

Pamukkale Tower and Laodikeia are next to the ruins of Hierapolis. Its magnificent travertine formations, Pamukkale welcomes you to a world of wonders. The natural swimming pool will be one of the most precious moments of your visit to Pamukkale. By visiting an ancient site, you will have an extraordinary chance to swim in the pool where the beautiful Cleopatra once took a bath.

Hierapolis, whose name means "sacred city", was considered by the ancients to have been founded by the god Apollo. Hierapolis is one of the most fascinating ancient sites that have a hidden history dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Beyond that, you will visit the amazing ancient theater which has been recently restored.

Laodikeia is an ancient city located in the valley of the Lycus River in Anatolia, near Hierapolis in the province of Denizli. It is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites in Turkey. Laodikeia is home to unique and magnificent structures dating from the Hellenistic, Imperial Roman and Byzantine periods. The area of ​​the city covers more than five square kilometers.

Laodikeia has the following impressive remains: the largest ancient stadium in Anatolia, two theaters (western and northern theaters), four bath complexes (eastern, central, western and eastern Roman baths), five agoras (eastern, central, western agoras , southern and northern), five fountains, two monumental portals (gates of Ephesus and Syria), a council house (bouleuterion), houses with a peristyle design (complexes of the house A, Peristyle house with church), temples , churches (East, North, West, Center, South-West Churches and Laodikeia Church), public latrines, two large water distribution terminals and monumental colonnaded streets (Syria, Ephesus, stadium streets). The city has cemeteries (necropolises) on its four sides.

After spending a day full of history and relaxing moments in the spring pool, we have the chance to visit jewelry, leather, carpet or ceramic centers.

When we finish all visits to Pamukkale and Laodikeia tour, then we return to Izmir in 3 hours.



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